Closure of the Lecler Laboratory (Former UniversPay) ?
Internet company
Ruined by a bank
With complicity of State
To Mauritius

How Mauritian State grow rich ?

Or art and manner of ruining a foreign investor

1st step : Receive Money
Take an investor preferably foreign because that will limit his capacities of recourse. Show him in touting the advantages that he will have to invest in Mauritius (Country of Law, at the forefront of technology, having a multilingual and well formed population, with a reduced taxation, etc…). Establish trust and reassure him, for example, by inviting him to the imposing head office of the state bank : the State Bank Tower. Then help him to create his company. And ask him to place his investment funds in that bank which belongs to you. As soon as the money is transferred, you made the bulk of the work because now you have a total control on the next steps.

2nd step : Do not return the money
The received funds are now acquired to you; now it is a question of doing everything to not return them. At the beginning, it is very easy, the customer still has confidence in you. When he asks you to make a payment, simply you do not carry out it; you play dead. Naturally that will save you only one week or two, after he inevitably will start to get impatient. Then, it is enough for you to find pretexts for not allowing him to use his money (documents are missing, staff is absent, etc...). There, the customer will think that must be the normal operation of the bank, that he has no reason to worry because it is nevertheless a bank established by a State which, moreover, is the main shareholder.

To be continued...

Why this website ?

Lecler Laboratory (Former UniversPay) was ruined by the illegal intrigues of State Bank of Mauritius, banks of the Mauritian State.
Having believed that Mauritius was a State of law, the laboratory has sought to resolve the dispute by filing a complaint with the Supreme Court of Port-Louis. But, after 11 years of lawsuit and many irregularities committed by State agencies, it is clear that Justice will never be served.
This website therefore aims to inform foreign investors about the risks involved in investing in this country.